Transformative Therapies by

Harnessing the Power of Molecules and Synergy

From Nature

We develop drugs that are safe AND effective

Aveta Biomics embraces radically new thinking in translational medicine that promises safer and more effective drugs,which are not only scientifically sophisticated but are affordable to patients and have a strong pharmacoeconomic case for payers. Despite disproportionately large sums of money being spent on new technologies, there are many conditions with a clinically unmet need, where   majority of medical inventions fail to provide commensurate benefits. This outcome is primarily due to poor long-term safety concerns, unacceptable levels of side effects, or simply a lack of sufficient efficacy or development of resistance to highly targeted drugs. As articulated in a growing body of scientific literature, these issues are related to reductionism in scientific thinking and the narrow lens through which a medical condition and the design of therapeutics to address the condition are viewed. We believe a new paradigm, based on the following core beliefs, can deliver truly effective and affordable solutions. 
  • Nature can be the world’s most innovative and resourceful medicinal chemist.
  • Any serious ailment including cancer is the result of the dysfunction of a number of finely tuned and related biological systems.
  • Drugs based on the judicious combination of botanical molecules that can simultaneously modulate a network of multiple targets are likely to be  highly effective.