Pioneering Transformative Therapies

Drugs with Durable Response and Unsurpassed Safety

Medicines that cure or prevent diseases and their recurrence or are immune to development of resistance  and are safe at the same time are incredibly difficult to develop. Orthologous Molecular Structures (OMS), the metabolites produced by the organisms sharing functionally similar or orthologous genes, proteins and  processes, are molecules that hold enormous promise for creating effective and safe drugs. We deploy OMS to create the drugs for cancer and infectious diseases.

Darwin Meets Mendel

Evolutionary Biology Powered Platform Creates New Drugs Rapidly

Restoration of homeostasis lost during the disease requires simultaneous modulation of multiple targets, driven by Darwinian forces. Our platform scans multiple sources and quickly identifies OMS that modulate orthologous human targets. Our “Omics” approach combined with unique FDA regulations significantly shortens the transition from bench to human dosing.

Our Drug Candidates

Higher Order Therapeutics (HOT) Modulate the Effects of Epistasis

Most diseases are caused by multiple faulty genes, or their downstream high order interactions, rather than a single disease-causing gene mutation. Aveta’s drug candidates are based on rational combinations of OMSs, which exert higher order effects of their own, to effectively counter these problems.

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