Transformative Therapies For Cancer

Treat and Prevent Cancers

Medicines that cure, prevent cancers, their recurrences, do not develop resistance, and are safe at the same time are incredibly difficult to develop. Orthologous Molecular Structures (OMS), the metabolites produced by the organisms sharing functionally similar or orthologous genes, proteins and  processes, are molecules that hold enormous promise for creating effective and safe drugs to both treat and prevent cancers.

Our Platform

Evolutionary Biology Powered Platform Breaks New Grounds

Two big problems in cancer are poor or no response to drugs and the development of the resistance to drugs. Most tumors contain a diversity of cancer cells. Most cancer therapies narrowly target only drug-sensitive cells in these tumors leaving other cancer cells to evolve into drug-resistant cancers. Our platform, based on insights into evolutionary biology, designs drugs that tackle the molecular heterogeneity of the tumors and prevent evolution the drug-resistant cancers.

Our First-in-Class Drugs

Drugs with Durable Response and High Degree of Safety

Our drugs contain a rational combination of Orthologous Molecular Structures (OMS). Evolutionary synergy among these molecules and pleiotropic modulation of the targets enable substantially higher efficacy than single-agent drugs; even in the face of mutating tumors and deleterious interactions among multiple tumor genes.

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